Coca-Cola-It’s Beautiful

Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups(Coca-Cola Co.). Coca-Cola is involved in many community support events that include grants, scholarships, educational programs, HIV/AIDS prevention, sponsorships, and emergency relief.  However, despite all of their efforts and contributions a certain commercial that Coca-Cola aired during the 2014 Super bowl caught many peoples attention.

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Joel Ward

 Joel Ward, an African American hockey player, was recently at the center of a very disturbing storm of raciest tweets surrounding his play. In the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Ward scored the goal in over time to eliminate the previous champion Boston Bruins. What ensued on twitter was disrespectful and down right disgraceful. Thousands of tweets were sent out using raciest remarks and hurtful language.

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Arizona Latino Studies Class Raises Bizarre Comments



America is supposed to be the melting pot; it’s supposed to be a country where everyone can come together and share their own culture with one another. This was a country of new hopes, new beginnings, and a way to share one’s beliefs they way they thought it should be shared without being condemned. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because in a way, it is. Take, for example, the war going on right now between Mexican immigration and the US. You don’t see us making a big deal about Canadians coming to the US. Nope. This all has to do with the issue of race. And not just racism itself, but cultural racism. But I’ll come back to that. Right now I want to give you a little history lesson to better educate you with the topic at hand. 

What they teach you in high school is that…

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Fast Track to Degregation

23 year-old Joseph Cassano, son of New York City Fire Commissioner, Salvatore Cassano, is working as a FDNY EMT and is ” in a apparent bid to fast track his promotion to firefighter”, states the New York Post report titled ‘Fast-tracker’ son of FDNY Commish rants again blacks and Jews on Twitter. However, his use of Twitter to display various prejudices against black people, women and Jews, and his job are not benefiting his success.  Continue reading Fast Track to Degregation

In School Racism

The world we live in today puts a major emphasis and importance on the internet.  Young people need to be aware that their tweets and other social media posts can be seen by people all throughout the world.

This story on HuffingtonPost is a good example of why young people need to be educated on the effects of the internet.  A Mississippi high school student sent out a racist tweet during school hours.  This student posted a highly explicit and inappropriate tweet about her feelings toward African Americans. The principle of the school said she will be punished.  The reason that the school is able to get involved in a situation like this is because it happened during school hours. This is something that is happening today in schools all across America.  Continue reading In School Racism

Miley Cyrus: Ignorant or Racist? Does it Matter?

As many have seen in recent years, the ever-present, former Disney star, Miley Cyrus has been slowly shedding the image of her ‘Hannah Montana’ days. In the past few months, she has taken things to a whole new level, as evidenced in her 2013 VMA performance and now her Bangerz Tour. It seems that Cyrus’ tour was destined for controversy from the time it was announced, as almost all of her recent public appearances have stirred the pot for one reason or another.

While there is plenty for the world to critique about the appropriateness of Cyrus’ actions in concert, one thing that some may not expect to be a problem is racism. The newest dance craze of ‘twerking’ is well known to be a part of Black American culture, originating there, and despite being dispersed throughout the country and the world in other social groups, it remained popular in the black community. Cyrus’ twerking and other recent actions have caused some to question her ability to recognize that she is a white girl before, but these recent actions have caused both many in the black community to take to the internet, through blogs or twitter, to discuss the wrecking ball that has become Cyrus’ skewed depiction of their own culture.Image Continue reading Miley Cyrus: Ignorant or Racist? Does it Matter?

Racially Stereotypical Twitter Account Reaches Over 25K Followers

The racially stereotypical Twitter account entitled Successful Black Man, based off the series of memes, has recently reached over 25,000 followers. This Twitter account and meme series uses a picture of an African American male dressed in a suit and writes statements that can be taken as racial stereotypes for African American males and turns them into statements that hold no racial connotations. Here is an example of the types of tweets that Successful Black Man sends out (Twitter):

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