MLK Party Scandal

Martin Luther King, Jr. day is a holiday celebrated in America to honor and remember one of the main leaders in gaining equality for African Americans in this country. We celebrate this holiday by closing schools on Monday, and this year it fell on January 20th. Some members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University decided to throw a MLK themed party.

Sixteen members of the fraternity attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. party on Sunday, January 16. The party was found to be grossly offensive to the holiday and meaning behind it. The students were posting pictures to Instagram, Twitter, and other social media using the hash tags “#blackoutformlk”, “#Ihavebream”, and “#mlkparty”. The students were also dressed in stereotypical clothing, wearing baggy basketball jersey, bandannas, and backwards baseball caps. Some of the pictures showed the students drinking out of watermelon shaped cups and throwing up gang signs. Here are two examples of what some of these Instagram post looked like:

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Riley Cooper Racial Comments-Elget

Race can be defined as a person’s physical appearance such as hair color, face/body structure, eye color, and the tone of skin. Throughout this class, we have looked at many different aspects of how racism is around us day in and day out. Most of the time we do not even know that we are experiencing racism, often times it is so embedded in society we don’t think anything of it. For example, in class we watched a short documentary on how people with the same credentials applying for the same job, and the job will go to the person of superior race (often white). The incident that I will analyze looks at an incident where a white male used a racist term, towards a specific racial group (African Americans).

Riley Cooper is a wide receiver on the NFL football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In June of 2013, Mr. Cooper was attending a Kenny Chesney concert with a couple of his friends. In the video of him at the concert, he clearly says, “I will fight every n***** here bro.” This was what looked to be a heated confrontation between Cooper, and an African American security guard. In the video, Riley is clearly under the influence of alcohol, and his racial slur was in no way an accident. By no means is it acceptable under any terms to use such vulgar terms towards one specific race. As a result of this incident the Eagles immediately slapped him with an undisclosed fine and Cooper was briefly sent away from the team. Riley was quick to apologize on Twitter stating the following:

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Athletes’ #TweetsforTrayvon

Heroes, role models, inspirations: three phrases that describe today’s athletes. Not many people have as much influence and power in our society than professional athletes- especially on our youth. When a professional athlete gets showered in $20 million per year and a kid growing up poor is wondering if he will get any shower at all, there is no reason for him to not want to follow in an athlete’s footsteps. There are a number of professional athletes that have made it out of their own impoverished neighborhoods such as Allen Iverson, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

To many of these kids, these athletes represent success, happiness and most importantly, escaping the imminent poverty of their own community. The economic privilege attained by these athletes gives them an uncanny influence on the public. Now when these people of power and great influence take to Twitter or Facebook to voice their opinions on racial issues, similarly, how can you blame a kid for following the athlete’s mindset? Continue reading Athletes’ #TweetsforTrayvon

The Coca Cola Commercial Controversy

The set language of the United States has always been a huge issue of controversy. Recently, a brand everyone knows, Coca Cola, released a commercial that was played during the Super Bowl. This commercial has also sparked outrage as well as commendation. To start, a basic description of the commercial is it shows different families of different ethnicity and race all the while playing the song “America, the Beautiful”.

The controversial part of the commercial is that “America, the Beautiful” is being sung throughout the commercial in eight different languages. Because of this, many Americans were outraged. Social media sites such as twitter and Facebook were blown up with negative racist comments about the commercial. The #BoycottCoke became popular and was part of many of these racist tweets. Also over Facebook the commercial was deemed “a disgrace and unpatriotic” as told in a news article by Jolie Lee entitled “Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad: Can You Believe This Reaction?”

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An Arizona State University fraternity threw a very racist Martin Luther King Jr. Day party. Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) at ASU was throwing a themed party, which is not unusual for fraternities these days, but the theme was far from the usual. This fraternity threw a “Martin Luther King” themed party, which seems good in theory because they could have been celebrating a Civil Rights leader and all of the things he did for African Americans in the United States, but they weren’t. They were taking a special day in history to many people and ridiculing the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. This party could not have been further from celebrating him.

The costumes and many other aspects of the party were crude and were horrible stereotypes of African Americans. Attendees were wearing basketball jerseys with saggy pants and flat bill hats, throwing up gang signs, and drinking out of hollowed-out watermelons. The name of their party was the “MLK Black Party”. Had these people not flocked to social media with their pictures, Tau Kappa Epsilon may have still been a part of ASU’s Greek life.

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Racist tweets about P.K. Subban

A hockey player was involved in a racist incident during the Olympics.  But, a little background to begin.  While I am not a big Olympics fan and in fact the only event I watched during the Olympics was hockey.  The incident was tweets about a hockey player who happens to be black and the team he was playing for also was wearing a black uniform.  The player is P.K. Subban an afro-Canadian hockey player.  Subban also happens to be a very good hockey player, as he is the defending Norris Trophy winner, awarded to the best defenseman in the NHL.

There are very few black players currently in the NHL.  Subban was fortunate enough to get to play for team Canada.  Actually, the first black player for Canada was only twenty-six years ago.  Canada has two uniforms a white and a black one.  I like to notice that not one joke was made about a white player in a white uniform in the previous games.  Canada happened to be wearing the black uniforms during this game.  These uniforms would be the source of the racist tweets.  These tweets were stupid and childish.  While the vast majority of the tweets were racists, there were others that pointed out the stupidity of the racist tweets.  This at least showed that some saw the wrongness in the situation.

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Unfriendly Competition


Unfriendly Competition

Racism is something the world has seen for many years. It is something that has not been solved, and quite frankly, something that may not be solved for a very long time. Nowadays, technology and the Internet provide a space for people in the online community to say whatever they want to say. The lure of the Internet is that it is possible to be whoever one wishes to be. Anonymity is that one thing the Internet provides that other forms of communication cannot. Some Internet users abuse this power, and it is the abuse of this power that creates danger on the Internet.

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