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Is San Jose State University Really Accepting of Its Wide Diversity?

In November of 2013, there was an event that took place at San Jose State University. Donald Williams Jr, an African American, was a 17 year old freshman at the university when he was brutally bullied by four white students.The four white students bullied Donald multiple times by abusing him, including wrestling him to the ground, fastening a bike lock around his neck, calling him racially derogatory names, locking him in his room and displaying a Confederate flag in their suite. Donald’s parents came down for the weekend and saw the confederate flag hanging on a bulletin board and immediately filed a report to the university. Once the university got notice about this event, they took immediate action and moved the students into a different living situation starting the investigation. San Jose State made the decision to expel three of the students and one student was put on suspension because he was seen more as a bystander. The state of California was also involved and decided that the three expelled students cannot enroll in any California State University college in the future.

Once the University started investigating this event it was only moments later when it became very popular to outside viewers on social media. Because of the racist actions done to the student and the pending consequences for the four students participating everyone took their stance on this event. This event sparked community outrage within San Jose State University as well as on the internet through news articles, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Though social media, many people were able to state what they believed should be done to the students, make comments and even make more racist comments about this whole situation. Based on the social media articles, there is colorblindness demonstrated by online users about the event taken place at San Jose State University.

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