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Paula Deen Controversy

Paula Deen is a popular chef and TV personality. She made sporadic appearances on different Food Network shows before getting a pilot in 2001. Her show aired in 2002 with the title, Paula’s Home Cooking. After the success of Paula’s Home Cooking she started a new show called Paula’s Party in 2006. In 2008 she came out with her latest show called Paula’s Best Dishes and shortly after gaining popularity with her shows Paula started a magazine called Cooking with Paula Deen. After coming out with various cookbooks, Paula published her memoirs using the title It Aint All About the Cooking. She then went on to write two more books called The Deen Family Cookbook and Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible.  In 2007 Paula Deen won a Daytime Emmy Award for best outstanding lifestyle host. Recently Deen created an interactive website where people can watch old shows, access her recipes, and videos of her cooking different items.

Recently Paula Deen was involved in a scandal that involved Deen admitting to using racial slurs in her restaurants. She also stated that she wanted to throw a slavery themed wedding for her brother. She got this idea when she ate at a restaurant with an all-black staff. This led to many members of various social media websites scrutinizing her for what she said. Most of this attention came from Twitter users, who would use different hashtags to make fun of her racism. With any issue, there are always going to be mixed reactions and different opinions as to whether the issue is right or wrong. Knowing this, we think it is important to analyze both sides of the situation in regards to how people reacted to the Paula Deen incident on social media. We argue that online users should not ridicule Deen for her actions because it is only furthering unnecessary racial discourses.

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