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Comparing Facebook and Twitter through Activism

No matter where you go, you will hear people say, “That’s retarded” or “ That guy is a retard.”  This fact is the exact reason Spread the Word to End the Word campaign was launched. The R-word is hurtful and dehumanizing to people with special needs. Spread the Word to End the Word (STWTETW) is an ongoing effort by Special Olympics and Best Buddies.  Both campaigns support to stop the use of the R-word and to enlighten society on its effects. The founders of the organization were 2 college kids, Soeren Palumbo and Tim Shriver. They founded the organization in 2009 and Special Olympics athletes now run it along with Best Buddies leaders. The first Wednesday in March marks Spread the Word to End the Words global day of awareness. On this day, rallies and assemblies are held nationwide to show, especially the youth, the damage this word can cause and to try and get them to see people with disabilities as just another average human being.

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Racist tweets about P.K. Subban

A hockey player was involved in a racist incident during the Olympics.  But, a little background to begin.  While I am not a big Olympics fan and in fact the only event I watched during the Olympics was hockey.  The incident was tweets about a hockey player who happens to be black and the team he was playing for also was wearing a black uniform.  The player is P.K. Subban an afro-Canadian hockey player.  Subban also happens to be a very good hockey player, as he is the defending Norris Trophy winner, awarded to the best defenseman in the NHL.

There are very few black players currently in the NHL.  Subban was fortunate enough to get to play for team Canada.  Actually, the first black player for Canada was only twenty-six years ago.  Canada has two uniforms a white and a black one.  I like to notice that not one joke was made about a white player in a white uniform in the previous games.  Canada happened to be wearing the black uniforms during this game.  These uniforms would be the source of the racist tweets.  These tweets were stupid and childish.  While the vast majority of the tweets were racists, there were others that pointed out the stupidity of the racist tweets.  This at least showed that some saw the wrongness in the situation.

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