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We are all Monkeys

On April 27, 2014 Brazil’s football club matched with Villarreal’s club football team. As the game went on Brazil’s player Dani Alves sets up for a corner kick. Out of the blue a fan member from the audience throws a banana at Dan. Dan, nonchalantly, picks up the banana, takes a bite, and continues on with the game. Brazil won the match but this isn’t about the game. After the game Dani spoke with the press he said, “It’s been happening on for eleven years, we can’t change it, so best to treat it as a joke. If we give it no importance, then they fail.” While Dan and his team members were out celebrating what Dan didn’t know was that fans were taking this racist incident to social media in awe of his swift and positive reaction to this aggression. The next day one of Dan’s teammates, Neymar, decided to do the same. He posted a “selfie” with his son on Instagram. They were both holding a half-eaten banana with a caption of,” We are all equal #Weareallmonkeys”.

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