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On September 17, 2011, countless people flooded the Manhattan’s Financial District in Liberty Square to protest the economic inequality that had gotten out of hand.  This movement has spread to over 1,500 cities globally and has had significant impact in each city respectively.  This movement was known as the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement.  The aim of the protesters was to raise awareness and fight back against the richest 1% of the people who write the rules without regard of anyone else.  As stated on their site,, their main purpose is to level the playing field financially, usurp the over-entitled from their positions, and alleviate the financial burden on the lower classes.  Many believe this movement failed, while others think that it made a significant, positive impact.  Regardless of that particular movement, others took the “occupy” mentality and spun it their own way.  With more and more groups backpacking off of the OWS movement, one caught traction with a different group of disenfranchised people that was known as the “Occupy Harlem” or “Occupy the Hood” movement.  This group was established to bring awareness to the omnipotent amount of racism that specifically blacks received. To demonstrate how this particular movement made an impact, there are a few people’s stories that are pertinent to the Occupy Harlem movement specifically.

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