Racist Hunger Games Tweets Show Racism Is Still Very Much Alive Today

Recently, I stumbled upon an article regarding the popular movie franchise The Hunger Games. The movie gained instant popularity, with only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Dark Knight ahead on their opening weekends, according to CNN.com. Specifically, the article spoke about the controversy surrounding the race of some of the characters. Rue and Thresh – who fight alongside Katniss Everdeen in a government-sponsored death match – are played by black actors who fans presumed were white. For a few of these moviegoers, the decision to make Rue and Thresh African-American weakened the film’s impact. The series fans took to twitter to complain about the casting, and a few of those tweets quickly went viral. Examples of these include: “Why does rue have to be black not gonna lie ruined the movie,” and the more blunt “Kk call me racist but when I found out rue was black her death wasn’t as sad #ihatemyself.”

The character Rue in the movie The Hunger Games played by Amandla Stenberg
The character Rue in the movie The Hunger Games played by Amandla Stenberg

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Racist Tweets Attacking an Eleven-Year-Old Boy

In June of 2013, America watched then eleven-year-old, Sebastien De La Cruz sing the National Anthem before game three of the NBA Finals in San Antonio, Texas. Sebastien became famous from being a contestant on America’s Got Talent earlier that year. From an article that analyzed this situation, Brian Leigh states “De La Cruz nailed his rendition of the national anthem and earned the plaudits of 19,000 fans inside the arena.”

Everything seemed fine and dandy… until Twitter exploded with updates and comments about the performance. Many people took their feelings out on twitter about what they really thought about De La Cruz’s execution of the National Anthem. People were offended that a little Mexican American boy wearing his mariachi outfit and the presence of this smooth Latin ring of his surname were being associated with “their American song”. After De La Cruz’s performance, twitter boomed with racial remarks about how a Mexican should not be singing America’s National Anthem.



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Lily Allen’s Controversial Music Video

Racial and ethnic identities are constantly emerging both verbally and non-verbally. Arguably, one of the most influential ways of forming a specific opinion on racial identity in either a negative or a positive point of view is with the help of social media sites. The use of the internet has the ability to shape people’s opinions on topics such as race in a tremendous way.

To illustrate this statement for my audience, I found a news article on Jezebel, an online blog site aimed towards women’s interests, which outlines this idea of race in social media. The article I found and will use for the remainder of this blog response is titled “Lily Allen Doesn’t Get to Decide If Her New Video Has a Race Problem.”

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Dee Dee McCarron Tweet

On the seventh day of the New Year, Florida State’s freshman quarterback Jameis Winston led the Seminole’s to a 34-31 win over Auburn in the BCS title game, the team’s first title win since 1999. During the quarterback’s on-field interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi after the win, Winston used some double negatives. Granted, they were obvious, but overall, the young man sounded intelligent during his interview.

Shortly after the interview Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron ‘s mother took to twitter to voice what she thought of Winston’s interview. At 12:09am Dee Dee McCarron tweeted to her twenty-two thousand followers “Am I listening to English?”

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A Culturally Diverse Miss France 2014

Have you ever asked yourself what your definition of racism is?  When I was asked this question, I thought about the obvious difference between black and white.  This dispute dates back to the 1600s when slavery first came about in America.  However, racism has changed since then.  No longer are we treating the black population as slaves and the white as the powerful majority.  We are converting our ideas of racism and comments to the internet.  The internet allows for anonymous commenter’s and racist individuals to post tweets, blog posts, articles, etc. for the world to see.  Let’s take a look at one racist topic in particular that had to do with the internet (Twitter to be more specific) and how it target one individual for being black.

 Being crowned a winner should be nothing but an exciting and glorious moment.  However, for the new Miss France winner, Flora Coquerel, this was the exact opposite.  What started out to be her week of glory soon turned into a flurry of racial comments and back-lash.  Flora Coquerel is a 19 year old woman whose mother is from the West African state of Benin.   After being crowned Miss France on December 7, 2013, Flora Coquerel faced a number of racial remarks just days after her triumphant win.

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America the Prejudiced

It was February 2014 and about 111.5 million Americans were watching Super Bowl XLVIII, but it wasn’t the Seahawks immense victory over the Broncos that everyone was talking about, it was the ad by Coca-Cola that was aired. The ad featured the song “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of languages. As seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=443Vy3I0gJs, many people turned to social media to rant and express their concerns over Coca-Cola by using very racist tweets and comments.

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Former Olympian Tweets Racist Jab at the President and First Lady

Tweet posted by Rodnina in September

Irina Rodnina, former Russian Olympic figure skater, had the honor of lighting the flame for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but after what she did back in September, it is questionable if she should’ve had the privilege or not.  She decided it would be acceptable to post a racial tweet about President Obama and the First Lady.

This three-time Olympic gold medalist, posted a picture with the Obama’s at a social event with a banana placed right in front of their faces.  This action can be pegged as racist.  It can be seen this way because African Americans have been referred to as a “monkey” in the past.  Obviously placing a banana, which is what a monkey eats, in front of President Obama, who is African American is not the smartest decision.

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